What Urp?

I have no idea how to introduce myself without sounding like an idiot; I wear a name badge at work, so I never really have to think about this damn hardship. I think the badge is so I don’t forget who I am too? I don’t know, but hey. Here goes the worst introduction in the world.

My name is Beth, 19. I’m nearly 20, though. I feel this is important for everyone to know because I feel like it makes me more adultier… not that I am great at adulting anyway. Also, I’m from the UK. I am usually either working, sleeping or watching my shows on Netflix at the moment, but with a passion for writing more than fiction, I decided to start a blog. (There is a bunch of links at the bottom of the page, one of which will take you to my FanFiction page, in which my writing went from shockingly bad with giant paragraphs, to stories that actually sounded okay. The other two are for my Instagram and Twitter.)

My life constantly floats between ‘what the hell am I doing?’ and ‘right, we need to be serious,’ there is no in between. I also talk to myself a lot… so there’s that. I aim for my blog to be a little like my life, weird and funny, but serious when I need it to be. If you like that kinda stuff, then this blog might just be for you.

Like most people, I do actually have one friend (I have about 5… haha, I’m a loner) who is my bestie. The girl I call my best friend is basically a pretty giant and always teasing my about my lack of height. We’re complete opposites; she’s a giant and I’m tiny, she’s happy at work and I’m grumpy, she’s a Moomin¶  who doesn’t drink and I drink whatever alcohol I can get my hands on… but I’m not an alcoholic. I promise.

Car selfie with my partner in crime in the backseat.

We met when she started working with me back in November last year, and the day I knew we would be good friends was when she slipped over on the floor I had specifically told her was wet. I laughed my ass off before even thinking about helping her up. Then I got stuck with her, now there isn’t much I can do about that now because my mother and Nana like her. Goddammit. (To Nug, I love you really, please don’t hit me when you see me next.)

I pay my best friend in food, mainly nuggets, hence her nickname of Nug, to read over my work before I even think about posting anything. I trust her not to lie to me when my work sounds like complete shit… and if she is reading this and has lied to me, then no more nuggets for you!

I also have a bunch of family who I will probably talk about at some point. Our family isn’t really that interesting, so I may have to do some research to find out some, hopefully, cool stuff.

Anyway, keep checking out this space for my next blog. I am not sure how frquent they will be, I am a full time adult who works and tries to have an attempt at a social life… and fails miserably.

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¶ By Moomin, I meant Mormon. It’s a joke from work where one of our colleagues thought she was a Moomin, and it kinda stuck ever since. Just a side note; I don’t mean to offend anyone within this religion.

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