Girl on the Train.

What urp readers… I am finally back with yet another book review, boring I know, but this book is far from it, I promise you.

I saw the Girl on the Train trailer on YouTube and I already knew that I had to see the film, the two and a half minute trailer had just the right amount of intrigue and action to have me hooked straight away.

Unlike the previous book I reviewed, the Girl on the Train takes you on a different kind of roller-coaster; one that gets you squirming in your chair and thinking that everyone possible is the culprit. It was a book where you thought you had finally figured it out, only for the next chapter to prove your theory wrong.

I’ll be the first one to admit that at first I found the book a bit boring at first, but that’s just me being impatient and wanting to get to the exciting parts. I also found the different point of views from the three female characters confusing too; the dates being out of sync didn’t help either, but once I got more into the book I found out the reason for that.

There is one thing you have to know about me, and that is that if you’re giving me a book on a recommendation I will certainly give it a try. But if I’m four chapters in, or five if I really like you, and I still don’t like what I am reading then I would rather put the book down and let you hate me for a while then waste my time.

‘I had a teacher at school who told me once that I was a mistress of reinvention. I didn’t know what he was on about at the time, I thought he was putting me on, but I’ve since come to like the idea.’

I was about three chapters into the book whilst I was on my break at work and I was still deciding whether or not I actually wanted to read the book in its entirety. My colleague came into the break room asked me what I was reading so I showed her the cover of the book and replied, ‘I don’t think I like it though, it’s kinda confusing,’ to which she replied, ‘I’ve read that. It’s a good book, but you need to be in the right frame of mind.’

Looking back, she was right. I just needed to be patient and actually take in what I was reading and once I started to do that, all the information started to sink in and make some sense.

I had heard about this book before and how some people said it was the exact same plot to another novel/movie, and claiming that Girl on the Train was just Gone Girl 2.0. After watching the movie on Netflix of said novel, I thought different and this is my opinion…

Yes, the main suspect for the murders were pinned on the husbands and the women who were missing/murdered were bored housewives who wanted something more exciting to come into their lives, but apart from that there is no similarities; in my eyes that is. Megan Hipwell (Girl on the Train) had two affairs and wanted to run away with her therapist/lover and ended up dead, whereas Amy Dunne (Gone Girl) found out her husband was having an affair with one of his students and came up with an elaborate plan to fake her murder and make sure it was pinned on Nick, only to come running back claiming she was kidnapped when she was robbed and had no money left.

I found the book to be really intense, and the writing from Rachel, Anna and Megan’s point of view really got you invested in the lives of the characters and how they saw each other. I found Rachel particularly interesting as she is facing such a big battle against her ex-husband and his new family, as well as trying to come to terms with blacking out on a night where she needed her memories.

I found it interesting on how the writer, Hawkins, revealed the past of the characters over the course of the book and not all in one chapter, because it kept me on my toes in thinking who had the biggest motive to murder Megan.

Emily Blunt as Rachel Watson in the Girl on the Train movie adaption.

Once I was close to the end of the book, I still hadn’t actually figured out who the murderer was, there were so many different characters that had the motive to do so: the husband;Scott, the therapist/lover; Kamal, ex-boyfriend; Mac. The only person who I thought could have maybe done it without a motive and as more of an accidental murder was Rachel. She had been seen in the area at the time of the disappearance and she was very invested into finding who the killer was.

When I was around eight chapters from the end, I was messaging a close friend who had seen the film. She told me how the movie ‘fucked her up from the start,’ and how I wouldn’t the ending coming. I read two more chapters before I was convinced on the culprit and then begged her to tell me because that’s the kind of patient person I am when it comes to reading a book – lets just say I was right and no, I won’t tell you. Get the book or see the film.

I’m being serious when I say you just HAVE to read this book. I started off wanting to throw it back onto my bookshelf and coming back to it when I was fifty years old, but it turned out to be one of the best books I have read this year!

Watch the trailer for the Girl on the Train movie, here.


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