Once Upon a Time: Musical Episode

Anyone who knows me knows that I love my TV shows; one of those shows is Once Upon a Time. It isn’t based on the typical Disney princesses and there are a lot of villains… I actually like more villains than I do the heroes, so that shows you who I am *insert laughing emoji*

Season one started with the Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla), casting a curse because Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) spills a secret and now here were are, season six and we are battling a bad fairy.

Anyway, let’s get back to it: I am sure that you, the reader, can read the title of the blog and see that this show has, yes, done a musical episode.

Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas, Snow and Charming, in ‘Revenge’.

My expectations were low when I first heard of the concept, not knowing how they could work lyrics, original or not, into the show. The show itself is about a Savior trying to protect her family and to me putting songs into one episode seemed… well, odd. Plus I had no idea whether any of the cast could sing.

Something else that put me off about the episode was the wedding. I have never been the biggest fan of Emma being with Hook (Emma and Regina shipper here), bit I can tolerate them in small doses, but it seems like everything has been focused on this one couple for at least half a season, if not longer.

I can see why there wasn’t anywhere else to have the wedding, with the final battle looming over everyone’s heads, it seemed the only logical answer… but still, I want season one Emma back, the Emma that doesn’t need a man.

Lana Parrilla, the Evil Queen in her solo ‘Love Doesn’t Stand a Chance’.

But damn was I wrong about everything and I am so glad that I was. A few days before the episode aired in the US, the songs that featured in the episode were released. I was glad to find that they were all original songs and I was also shocked at how well all of the cast could sing. Not everyone sang a song, but those that did were amazing.

I am biased when I say that Lana Parrilla and Rebecca Mader’s song were my favourites, they are of course my favourite people in the world, but Jennifer Morrison sounds like an actual angel. Hearing them all sing, well I don’t have any words…

Like most UK Oncers, I have to wait until Wednesday to watch the episode because that’s when it gets uploaded to Netflix and I’d rather not give my laptop a cocktail of virus’ for a show, but this week I couldn’t wait. After listening to the songs on repeat since they came out, and all the recent contract negotiations for a possible season seven coming to light, or lack thereof, I just needed the episode.

Rebecca Mader, Zelena, in her solo ‘Wicked Always Wins’.

The whole forty-two minutes, I sat in complete awe. It is now easily my favourite episode throughout the six seasons. It had a decent plot, well, I found it quite amusing, but I loved it. The characters seemed more themselves than they had done in a long time, but I think seeing the actors singing in their choreographed numbers just topped it off.


I would never give any episode of a TV show a perfect score, things can always be improved, but it definitely deserves a good rating: 8/10.

Next Sunday a two-hour season finale with the final battle being fought will air which will bring season six to a close. Will the heros win once again, or will this be a victory for the villains? Who knows what will happen.


To listen to the soundtrack for the episode on Spotify click the link here.






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